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Say It with Presentations, Second Edition, Revised & Expanded: How to Design and Deliver Successful Business Presentations


Gene Zelazny

ISBN 978-0071472890
Format Hardcover
Publisher McGraw-Hill Professional
Published United States, 01 June 2006


For over 45 years, McKinsey & Company's Gene Zelazny has been showing McKinsey consultants and professionals around the world how to plan, design, and deliver effective business presentations_and how to improve and expand their repertoire of presentation skills.

Now in this revised and expanded edition of Say It With Presentations, Mr. Zelazny brings together his years of valuable communication experience to show managers even those with little or no presentation experience how to prepare winning presentations using his proven methodology and the full range of PowerPoint techniques.

Written in a clear, highly engaging style, this essential business tool covers everything from defining the situation…to developing the right mix of visual aids to interest your audience without overpowering them. Say It With Presentations features a wealth of practical information on:

  • Selecting the best medium traditional standup presentation, discussion meeting, video conference, or virtual presentation

  • Designing your presentation knowing what to put in and what to leave out

  • Determining your message how to make it clear, direct, and appropriate for the intended audience

  • Writing the presentation crafting the most effective story line, introduction, and ending

  • Making the most of visuals including computer-driven onscreen presentations with animation, scanned images, sound, video, and links

  • Creating charts, text visuals, and storyboards to produce the most attractive and convincing presentation

  • Projecting confidence, conviction, and enthusiasm to hold audience attention and generate interest in your ideas

  • Rehearsing the presentation to search out imperfections and make the event as compelling as possible

  • Setting up facilities and equipment to ensure that everything is working smoothly and geared for a first-rate presentation

  • Applying your delivery skills putting together all the oral, video, and audio effects and delivering them at the right pace

  • Getting used to answering questions by preparing for and anticipating post-presentation queries from the audience

    Filled with scores of helpful illustrations, this wide-ranging sourcebook also explains how to take humor seriously and incorporate it into a presentation…and how to use the “Audience Bill of Rights” to focus clearly on the needs of the audience.

    Comprehensive and completely up to date, the new edition of Say It With Presentations contains all the skills-building information, methods, tips, and pointers that business professionals need to win over clients and reap greater financial rewards.


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