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Presentations in Action: 80 Memorable Presentation Lessons from the Masters


Jerry Weissman



Format: Hardcover
Publisher: FT Press
Published in: United States, 05 May 2011
Published: May 2011


Want to Make Outstanding Presentations? Learn from the Best!


Legendary presentation coach Jerry Weissman has spent decades showing top executives how to make winning, mission-critical presentations. He’s discovered that the best way to teach effective presentation techniques is to show them in action. That’s what he does in this remarkable book.


Presentations in Action serves up 80 outstanding examples from current events, politics, science, art, music, literature, cinema, media, sports, the military--even ancient history--that offer valuable lessons for today’s presenters. From Aristotle to Oprah, Reagan to Obama, Mark Twain to Jerry Rice, Weissman reveals the universal techniques of human communications…and demonstrates how to turn them into powerful solutions for your most important presentation challenges.


One simple, bite-size story at a time, you’ll learn how to supercharge every single element of your message. Then, Weissman shows how to bring them all together and deliver them in an inspiring…unforgettable presentation...sure to captivate and win over any audience!

Weissman shows you how to


Content: Master the art of telling your story.


Graphics: Design PowerPoint slides that work brilliantly.


Delivery: Make actions speak louder than words.


Q&A: Listen more effectively, and handle even the toughest questions.


Integration: Put it all together in one seamless, winning presentation!











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