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The New Talkpower


Natalie Rogers


Format: Paperback
Publisher: Capital Books
Published in: United Kingdom
Published: 27 September 2001


The New TalkPower is a mind-body system that integrates neurobiology, behavior modification, performance techniques, speech crafting and leadership skills to help you master every aspect of public speaking from gracious toasts to great speeches. Learn how to breathe, sit quietly, maintain concentration, and reduce rapid heartbeat, trembling, and adrenaline rush triggered by speaking in public. From the TalkPower Action Formula through the Survival Kit for Public Speakers, to the speech-writing-made-easy speech templates, everything you need to be an assured and engaging speaker is here. The first edition of "TalkPower" (Dodd, Mead, 1982) sold more than 60,000 copies and was translated into nine foreign languages. Now the "New TalkPower" offers Ms. Roger's clinically-tested, perfected, and expanded system to a new generation of fearful public speakers.


How to Use Change to Build Audience Engagement

People notice change. You notice the hum of the air-conditioner when it comes on and when it goes off but not in between. So change will re-engage in your presentations as well.  =>

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Swinging Ball of Death

.. a wonderful example of using a visual aid - Who needs PowerPoint?!! Watch the language he uses, and the use of pause