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There's No Such Thing as Public Speaking


Jeanette Henderson

Format: Paperback
Publisher: Prentice Hall Press
Published in: United States, 29 January 2007
Published: January 2007






The best speeches don't sound like speeches, and the best speakers make listeners feel as though they are being addressed directly. The trick is to make every presentation as natural and direct as a one-on-one conversation. This expert but accessible guide reveals:

- The six truths behind every conversation-and how to use them at the podium
- The three steps to inspiring any audience
- The seven secrets for using voice and body language
- The seven tools every speaker uses or misuses

Whether addressing a few colleagues or a packed auditorium, readers will find practical and simple techniques for inspiring every listener. It's a wonderful blend of solid concepts, practical applications, and invaluable techniques. It takes the speaker from the planning stage through to the execution stage of any presentation. It addresses not only speaking in front of a crowd, but also one on one and small group interactions.

Since 1988, Jeanette and Roy Henderson have used their method to train thousands of people in business and politics to be better public speakers.



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