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  J.K. Rowling's Commencement Speech

... delivered at Harvard

What an inspiring speech this was.  Even if you watch only the beginning, you can learn from her technique.  She had her audience laughing with her from the start.  



Keep It Simple

In this cluttered marketplace  it is more important  than ever to keep your message simple. People just don’t have the attention span to work hard at  understanding what you have to offer.   Consider Google’s core message as they sought out venture capital years ago.

“Google provides access to the world’s information in one click” .

Can you do that with your business?

  Public Speaking Success Strategies

- Preparation H3

  Overcome the fear of public speaking
  PowerPoint Lesson 4
  PowerPoint Slide Makeover #53: Using a full screen photo to enhance a story

Stories and analogies are important to increasing the impact of your message. Don't just type out the key parts of the story on a slide as bullet points. Use the ideas in this makeover to show a full screen photo that increases the impact of your story or analogy.


Made to Stick: Giving Presentations
Dan Heath, co-author of 
Made to Stick, speaks with Fast Company on how to avoid “that dreaded bullet-drenched PowerPoint that everybody hates”.



  Lizzy OLeary on how to tell a story with numbers

Lizzie O'Leary, Bloomberg TV's Washington correspondent, gives her tips on how to effectively tell a story using data. 


Busting the Mehrabian Myth


Can words really account for only 7 percent of the meaning of a spoken message? This short video animation puts 'Mehrabian's rule' under the magnifying glass and shows why it can't be true


  How to Speak in Public

Does the thought of addressing a crowd—or even a few classmates or coworkers—keep you up at night? You can learn how to perform this feat without losing sleep—or your lunch.



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