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Father of the Bride

To those who will be the Father of the Bride, those who will take on that role and

those who will need to support the Father of the Bride ....


Let me show you how you can take on this challenge, being sure of the role that a Father of the Bride needs to play,

 and of making a confident heartfelt contribution to the day    (including a confident, heartfelt Father of the Bride speech!)



This is Bronwyn Ritchie from Pivotal Public Speaking and I want to say CONGRATULATIONS! 


Your daughter is getting married.  That is wonderful news!  You will soon be a father-in-law.  But right now you are the Father of the Bride.  What a challenge!


It will be a beautiful day, but there may be some difficult times - in the preparation and in the event itself.


You will need to clarify for yourself and probably with several other people what your contribution to the day is going to be.


You may be called upon to make a Father of the Bride speech.

Do you know what you are going to say?

Do you know what the traditional Father of the Bride speech needs to cover?

It is a wonderful opportunity to show just what your beautiful daughter means to you, a chance to welcome your new son-in-law and make some remarks about marriage.


Is it all starting to sound overwhelming?


Will you be able to speak confidently, or does public speaking make you horribly nervous?


I have been approached by so many Fathers of the Bride who are wanting help with their speeches.  They are facing uncertainty over their role in their daughter's weddings, wondering if they will be able to cope with all that must be achieved on the day, and feeling desperate about the Father of the Bride speech they will have to give.  How will they deal with the nerves?  How will they be able to cope with their emotions while speaking with such affection and pride about their daughter on her wedding day?


I remember my Father on my wedding day.  He was strained, though supportive and loving.  I have a photo of him looking down at me with a smile that couldn't contain his love, but also held something of a grimace.  The whole day was a massive challenge for him!  He was not the sort to make speeches, an old country man of few words.  But I do so relate to the poor men who contact me a week before their daughters' weddings saying "How am I going to make this speech?"  "What do I say?"  "How am I going to cope with the nerves?"  "How will I stay in control of my emotions?"


They obviously care deeply for their daughters and want to make a first-class, heartfelt speech, and this so warms my heart when the world seems so full of callousness and superficiality.


Until now, all I could do was send an email with some ideas, but when the most recent request came in, I resolved to create a package of resources for these Dads, that they could conveniently access and download.


And here it is:


The Father of the Bride Pack

contains 6 documents

1.  Traditional Duties of the Father of the Bride

2.  Father of the Bride Speech structure, ideas and hints.

3.  How to keep nerves under control.

4.  How to avoid being overwhelmed by emotion.


Plus 2 Bonuses

-  Using Stories in Your Wedding Speeches

- 10 Ways to Make Your Speech a Success



1.  Traditional Duties: 

The Father of the Bride Pack will give you the traditional information so that you know what is expected under those circumstances, and then you can make a decision together with the rest of the bridal party and families as to how you will interpret them. 


With this information, you can reduce the overwhelm of deciding just what your contribution is meant to be. 


2.  The Father of the Bride Speech

Many people are moving away from traditional weddings, and sometimes it is not even the Father of the Bride who gives that particular speech. No matter who gives it, there is information in this pack on what the traditional options are and how to use them, either as tradition dictates or in the way that you and your family have chosen.  It contains suggestions that will lead you to find the best stories to tell and how to support the main points of your speech.


3. If emotions and nerves are your problem, we've got you covered, with mental and physical strategies to use in preparation and to help you give your speech without being overwhelmed.


4.  Bonuses that will give you some tips on public speaking  and on using stories in speeches to give you the confidence that you can give a great speech - lead off the speeches at your daughter's wedding with one that sets the standard, get across your message of love and support to your daughter, and to your guests, and present a speech that will "do yourself proud".


So if you are giving a Father of the Bride speech, congratulations!!  It's going to be one of the best.   


Click on the "buy now" button, to securely purchase the Father of the Bride Pack.  









The Father of the Bride Pack

You get 6 sets of tips:

1.  Traditional Duties

2.  Speech structure, ideas & hints.

3.  How to keep nerves under control.

4.  How to avoid emotional overwhelm.

Plus 2 Bonuses

-  How to use Stories in Your Wedding Speeches

- 10 Ways to Make Your Speech a Success





AUD $27.95


P.S.  I have included what I think are really useful tips in the Father of the Bride pack, but if you are not entirely pleased with the Pack, you are very welcome to let me know and I will refund your money.  Guaranteed.


Contact:  Bronwyn@pivotalpublicspeaking.com