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Tim Sanders


Creating Fresh Content from Your Audiences’ Knowledge, Stories, and Questions
with Tim Sanders

As you’ve stood before an audience ready to begin your speech, you’ve probably had the thought (and maybe even spoken aloud), “There’s more collected knowledge and wisdom sitting in front of me than there is standing in front of you.”


You know you’ve been invited to speak because you have something valuable to share, but there’s an enormous amount of information, examples, stories, and insights in the audience. What if there were a way you could collect those, to use in your book, blog, or next speech?


You can ... you just have to know the best ways to get your audience to share them with you.

Tim Sanders has developed a formula for doing this. Start the year by learning how to get your audiences to provide you with a wealth of new content.


From Good to Great: 10 Little Known Techniques to Transform Your Speech

  • Do you want to learn advanced presentation skills?

  • Can you benefit from learning the latest presentation tips?

  • Do you dream of becoming a professional public speaker or professional motivational speaker?

  • Can you benefit from listening to presentation coaching?

Award-winning speaker and in-demand speech coach Patricia is in fine form in this 90 minute action-packed session before 150 professional speakers. You will hear her best advice after 25 years of studying how to have impact on the platform. You benefit from listening in on the mini-coaching sessions.


Glenna Salsbury  

How to Capitalize on Your Uniqueness to Ensure Repeat Business

Your platform effectiveness is powerfully enhanced by your clarity of unique message. Are you holding audiences in the palm of your hand? Are you experiencing repeat and referral business time after time?

One of the most practical ways to tap into your authentic message is to begin to dig out of your memory bank the most significant events, most significant people and most life-changing insights that have impacted you.


Life-changing, transformational speakers are those who are captivatingly authentic. Our challenge is to become courageously transparent, to share our own unique truth, with a thoroughly humble heart.


Public Speaking Success System

by Public Speaking Secrets

Format : mp3




Speaking Without Fear or Nervousness (Audio Cassette)
by Helen Sutton

Audio cassette tells how to conquer anxieties and uncover self-defeating thoughts by replacing them with positive expectations.  $10.37  


Karen Lawson  

Get Your Audiences Involved and Get More Business

Karen Lawson, Ph.D., CSP will share her practical, how-to approach to using interactive methods to increase audience impact and ensure speaker success whether an individual is delivering a keynote speech, making a sales presentation, or conducting a seminar or training session.

You will learn to:

  • Identify trends, influences, and considerations that shape demand for interactive speaking
  • Use specific interactive techniques to increase audience participation
  • Adapt interactive techniques to “dry” topics
  • Adapt existing material to a more interactive style
  • Identify sources for interactive techniques

Register (the date of the seminar is Tuesday, June 9) or order the CD or MP3 recording. Note: people who register for the teleseminar will get the MP3 recording of the session for free.



The Seven Principles of Public Speaking

(Audio CD)

by Richard Zeoli

This engaging audio program is like having your very own public speaking coach to guide you, motivate you, and inspire you to unleash your potential, and achieve results! This exceptional audio program will teach you the skills to present your product, your service, and yourself with confidence before a crowd of any size - whether five people in a company boardroom or 5,000 people in a crowded arena.


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