Special report:

Create an Engaging Presentation ... from your Written Speech



Let's face it ... a written speech is not the same as a spoken speech.  Perhaps you have just discovered that. 


I know you can write, (even if you think you could be better!) or you wouldn't be here. 


What you need to do, if you want to be a successful speaker, is transform that document into a presentation, an engaging presentation, a rock-star presentation!  




This is Bronwyn Ritchie from Pivotal Public Speaking and like you, I have sat through speeches and presentations where the person presenting read - either from sheets of paper, or from their slides. 


And I felt left out.  Maybe the presenter was passionate about their material.  Maybe not. 


But I still felt left out - left out of the experience and the passion and the information they were reading - left out of the potential that the experience and the passion had for me and for the world.  I felt ignored, in fact.


Maybe you have felt the same.


Maybe you fear that you are making people feel the same.


Change is needed.  You know that. 


You know that eye contact in public speaking is necessary, vital.  You can't make eye contact with an audience and with a page or slide.


And there is something about the written word that is entirely different from the spoken word.


Audiences are there to listen, not to read; and not to listen alone, but to engage with you, the presenter, the speaker 


Speakers who are not engaging with their audiences are leaving money on the table.  They are losing opportunities to connect, and therefore to persuade, inform, educate, entertain. 


To those who want


- to inform, to inspire, to entertain - to make a difference with their speaking - to share their message - to build their business - to be rehired as speakers


Achieve your speaking goals now


In this report you will learn


  • how to change the language of your speech so that it keeps your audience engaged

  • 3 ways to rehearse so that your presentation is confident and authentic

  • how to avoid memory lapses, and what to do if you stray from your plan

  • ways to use notes so that they prompt you when necessary but remain inconspicuous

  • the role that performance energy plays in the process of presenting



Learn how to adapt your written speech and you will speak with confidence, knowing that you can interact with an audience, without a script interfering in the process.

Learn that adaptation and you will be admired and rehired as a speaker.  Audience engagement is an indicator of  your success not just to you, but to the event coordinators responsible for hiring and re-hiring a speaker. 

Learn the processes and you have given yourself the foundations of success in your speaking, whatever your goals may be - to inform, to inspire, to entertain, to sell, to prosper.




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P.S.  I have included what I think are really useful tips in this report, but if you are not entirely pleased with it, you are very welcome to let me know and I will refund your money.  Guaranteed.



Best wishes,



Contact:  Bronwyn@pivotalpublicspeaking.com