Special report:

Secrets to Building Audience Engagement



These ten secrets will show you how to create and maintain engagement with your audience and build your success as a speaker.








This is Bronwyn Ritchie from Pivotal Public Speaking and I have to say I know that feeling of lonely disconnect. 


A group in the corner is chatting among themselves.  At Q&A time, there are no questions.  No testimonials and rave reviews of your presentation.  Polite disconnect.  I know hwat it is like to look out at faces politely fixed into a mask that is meant to convey attention.


These people are not engaging with you. 



What will that engagement give you?  What could you do with that engagement?


Your audience will tune into your frequency.  They will be drawn into your stories.  They will be emotionally connected to your content and your presentation.   


They will be ignited by the spark of your message, and they will remember that message and follow through with the call to action that you make.  When you engage an audience they don't just listen, they respond - not necessarily verbally, but they will rdspond.   


Achieve your speaking goals now


In this report you will learn


  • the role of energy in engagement

  • 3 ways to design your presentation so that structural cues reinforce engagement with your content

  • how to avoid panic and respond with assurance to your audience's needs

  • the elements of presentation style that effortlessly engage each and every member of the audience

  • 3 types of emotional hooks that will create and reinforce engagement

  • creating context for your message so that the audience is drawn into your presentation



Learn these ten secrets and implement them and you can become a resourceful speaker, speaking in flow, sharing your value and expanding your confidence to move and engage an audience. 

Learn and implement them and you will be admired and rehired as a speaker.  Audience engagement is an indicator of  your success not just to you, but to the event coordinators responsible for hiring and re-hiring a speaker. 

Learn and implement and you have given yourself the foundations of success in your speaking, whatever your goals may be - to inform, to inspire, to entertain, to sell, to prosper.





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P.S.  I have included what I think are really useful tips in this report, but if you are not entirely pleased with it, you are very welcome to let me know and I will refund your money.  Guaranteed.



Best wishes,



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