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Products to Build your Confident, Effective

Speaking Success




Speak with Impact

How to make sure your audience takes with them

the image

the message

and the impact that you choose >>> Details here




From Anxious to Awesome.  A-H-A you CAN speak with confidence



How to Write and prepare a Great Speech

A step-by-step guide to creating a speech that has impact ...


Strategies that prepare you to present with confidence


>>> Details here






The Father of the Bride Pack

1.  Traditional Duties of the Father of the Bride

2.  Father of the Bride Speech structure, ideas and hints.

3.  How to keep nerves under control.

4.  How to avoid being overwhelmed by emotion.


Plus 2 Bonuses

-  Using Stories in Your Wedding Speeches

- 10 Ways to Make Your Speech a Success  

>>>  Details here





So, you want to be a motivational speaker?

A free list of useful resources  from Pivotal Public Speaking to get you started and building your new career.  Just enter your details for instant download ...





10 Secrets to Keeping Your Audience's Attention

You can measure the success of your speaking in lots of ways, but one surefire indicator of success is audience attention. 

Fail to gain and keep audience attention and you fail to succeed.

Learn and implement these 10 secrets and give yourself the foundations of success in your speaking, whatever your goals may be - to inform, to inspire, to entertain, to sell, to prosper.

>>> Details here


How to Transform your Written Speech into an Engaging Presentation

What you need to do, if you want to be a successful speaker, is transform that document into a presentation, an engaging presentation, a rock-star presentation!  

Learn the secrets of language, rehearsal, memory and performance energy in this valuable report. 

>>> Details here



10 Secrets to Building Audience Engagement

Ignite our audience with the spark of your message, and they will remember that message and follow through with the call to action that you make.  When you engage an audience they don't just listen, they respond - not necessarily verbally, but they will respond.   

>>> Details here


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