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Pimp my PowerPoint - Eight PowerPoint presentation tips!

PowerPoint presentations are either interesting or they stink, but what makes them stink isn't necessarily because they are full of boring or irrelevant information. Too often, interesting and useful information washes over an audience that has simply lost focus.

In this show, UK communication guru Andy Bounds explains the mistakes that cause this to happen, so that when you know what they are - you can begin to eliminate them. He is joined by Kelly Thompson, VP Marketing of iStockphoto, as these two experts explain exactly how to deliver punchy and informative presentations. 

The lessons you are about to learn can be applied to all of your presentations, from sales, internal or boardroom presentations right through to your keynote speeches. No matter whether you deliver in PowerPoint, Keynote, Google's presentation app, or any other -- the methods revealed in this show will have you delivering killer presentations.

After watching this show, you'll be armed with eight things that you can do right away to dramatically improve you presentations!