Your Strategic Speaking Blueprint for 2016


Why Set Speaking Goals?


Goals are the motivation for action -

motivation to take the step from a dream

to the action

that leads to success


success as a speaker

success that speaking can bring


Do you have a speaking dream?

Have you always dreamed of being a speaker - confidently, charismatically speaking to an attentive audience?

What could speaking do for you this year?

How could you use speaking to take you to the success of your dreams?


Maybe you know already that speaking is one of the keys to success for you. 

You might have a vague idea that you should start, somewhere, somehow.

Maybe the thought sends shivers down your spine and nausea to your stomach - fear - nerves.

Or maybe you are already using speaking but are aware at some level that you could get better results,

that you are good but not great, that you could be better.


You need to take that step from the dream to action.

That step could be

 to begin,

to overcome the fear,

or to go from good to great. 

Then you can move to the actions that will lead to ...

... success that may take any number of forms for any number of different people -

for you it may be

to further your career,

to build a business,

to inspire,

to sell


or any number of other outcomes that define success for you.


It may simply be to be a speaker - a great speaker.


To get to that success, you need to take speaking action.


You need to get focus and clarity

on why, where, when and what you will be doing as a speaker this year and in the years to come

to move closer to the dream you have chosen. 


Because speaking is one of the keys to success in so many fields.

It is the key to showing your calibre - in your workplace, in your business, even as a speaker. 

It is the key to persuasion.

It is the key to leverage.

It is the key to accomplishment.


Use it.  This year.  Use it well and achieve.


And the first step is to set your speaking goals,

then you are sparking the motivation to take the necessary action.


My offer to you is to help you set those goals ...

to help you clarify your why - where - when - and what you will be doing as a speaker this year,

to give you suggestions

to give you resources

to work with you one-on-one so that those goals are perfectly customised to your needs, your abilities and your dreams.  


I have priced this service at $47.00.  This is what I love doing.  It's what I discovered I needed when all of the study and all of the research and all of the courses, didn't do it for me.  They laid the groundwork, but they didn't get me setting realistic goals or getting clarity on the action I needed to take.  I am so grateful for the mentors who put it all into perspective for me.  I so enjoy reversing the process and watching the relief and joy that people feel when they see the way they need to take.


Just click the pay now button ...



     and I will be in contact with you within 24 hours to organise the details.tails.

Guarantee:  I know this process works, so I stand behind the quality of my offerings. 

If for any reason, though, you feel it is unsuccessful for you, or cannot use it, you will be refunded within 48 hours of notifying me. 

Since this process is interactive, you will have every opportunity to give me feedback as we move through it.  I customise the process to your needs.