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The First Step in Preparing your PowerPoint Presentation


PowerPoint is a wonderful program with a huge range of options and inbuilt flexibility.  I love it.  Thousands of people love it, and use it everyday. 

“Death by PowerPoint” is still a widespread phenomenon, however, and it is a shame that the blame is often pointed at PowerPoint.  We know, of course, that the problem is not with the program, though its temptations to abuse are many.  The blame lies with the way it is used.    

In this Tip Number 5 of the 30 Speaking Tips, we will look at a very simple, powerful way to avoid the temptation to abuse PowerPoint.

Close the computer!  That’s right walk away … well at least close PowerPoint … until you have the structure, ideas and content of your presentation ready, at least in your head, or in a mind map.

Then you can start creating the PowerPoint - with one point per slide and one picture to support it.