The Power of Persuasion


Most speeches we present will be speeches to persuade in one way or another.  You may want to persuade your audience to take advantage of a product or service.  You may want to persuade them that your answer to a problem is the best choice.   You may want to persuade them to change their way of doing things.  There are any number of persuasive speeches and presentations. 

You need to connect with your audience.  They have to feel that you have their best interests in mind, not just your own agenda.  While you are speaking to them, it has to be apparent that you care about them and what they want and need.  Otherwise you lose their trust.

It has been said that “people buy on emotions, and rationalise on logic.” So to “sell” or to persuade, we need both the emotional connection and the logical support for our message.  We also need to start with a basis of trust.

The New Rules of Persuasive Presentations

  How to Use Logos as One of your Persuasion Elements  

Want to improve your speaking to persuade? … Consider your audience



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