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The Exceptional Presenter: A Proven Formula to Open Up and Own the Room


by Timothy J. Koegel


It's often reported that the number one fear among American adults is public speaking. But in today's competitive business world, effective communication is a crucial skill, and the cost of being less than effective is quite high. From the White House to boardrooms worldwide, Tim Koegel has strengthened presentations, media relations and communications skills of CEOs and world leaders alike with his renowned coaching abilities. His new book, The Exceptional Presenter, lays out his techniques in a format perfectly suited to today's busy world.


This little hardback is incredibly easy to read. Extremely well organized, it's written in clear, jargon-free language. Each of its many lessons covers just a few pages, and is composed of short, straight-to-the-point paragraphs. Sized to fit easily in the side pocket of a laptop case, it's an ideal way to kill time at an airport gate, on a flight, or even during those dead half-hours that often pop up between convention sessions.

Better still, this book really delivers on its promise. Practice its advice and you will become an effective public speaker. Author Tim Koegel ("KAY gull") covers a wide range of verbal and nonverbal topics, from how to avoid using "verbal graffiti" (such as the dreadful "to be honest with you") to how to have good posture.


“The book's title--The Exceptional Presenter--applies to the author as well as his topic. Everyone from the novice to the consummate communications professional will appreciate the well-polished gems Koegel has strewn along the reader's path. I've never met Timothy Koegel. I know nothing about his politics. But one thing is for sure: anyone interested in crafting clear, crisp, captivating communication should buy this book.”

About the Author
A consultant to the political world, Koegel has worked with members of both the House and the Senate. He has conducted workshops for the White House, members of Congress, the Department of Labor, NOAA, the Office of Civil Rights and many other governmental organizations. He provides media training for a client list that includes corporate executives, politicians, athletes, coaches and authors, and lectures at business schools throughout the country: Duke, Michigan, Notre Dame, Georgia, Emory, NYU, Thunderbird, George Washington University, The Ohio State University, Purdue, among others.


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