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Speaking for

Entrepreneurs, Business, Sales

It's all about persuasion

- confident win-win persuasion

And this is so much easier if you can be your authentic, genuine self

with an authentic, genuine desire to be of service


You can use speaking to ...

position yourself    -    gather leads and clients    -   make sales    -    build profits


As a business speaker you are challenged by competition, sometimes on a global scale, by clients suffering information overload, and by the mounting difficulty of engaging a business audience.

Pivotal Public Speaking can help you stand out, build your bottom line.

You can learn the power of public speaking as one of the most important marketing tools in a business/entrepreneur toolkit.

Public speaking can build your client base, promote your product and make or break your sales.

How would you like to improve the results from your speaking?


Want to improve your speaking to persuade?  Consider your audience