[Quick speaking tip] What was it they said?

Yesterday you heard a fabulous speaker – wonderful, inspiring, eloquent – with so much to share. You walked away buzzing, happy, enthusiastic and you remarked what a fantastic presenter they were.

That was yesterday. Today. What do you remember of that presentation, that fabulous, wonderful, inspiring, eloquent presentation?

Do you remember the next step that you were inspired to take? Are you feeling different about something? Have you changed your behaviour? What do you remember?

Do you remember the clothes they wore? Do you remember the joke they told, or just that they were funny?

Three weeks later. What do you remember?

Chances are it will be one thing – one idea, one word, maybe one graphic, or maybe the person’s style.

No matter how much information the speaker gave you, chances are, still, that you will not remember much more than that one thing.

smileyChances are also that it will have been attached to an emotion … happy, sad, euphoric, devastated, frustrated, angry … and that’s why you remembered it.

Where will you be adding or creating emotion next time you speak?

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