[Public speaking tip] Gestures on a level


Are you a natural gesturer, or do you have to force yourself to gesture?

Or perhaps there is a third question I could ask, and that is … have your modified your gestures to be more appropriate to your speaking?

I basically think that the more natural a speaker, the better.

And gestures are not absolutely necessary to communicate.

Sometimes I am annoyed at a television presenter or video presenter who makes the same gesture over and over, or who makes gestures at a level that seems inappropriate to the frame in which he is presenting. But then, I also think that those who evaluate or coach speakers can become too focussed on minor details that most people simply don’t notice, unless they are judging a speech contest. If gestures are inappropriate it is usually a reflection of a deeper level of communication.

Nevertheless I have always been intrigued by something I read years and years ago, that basically

Gestures above shoulder level support messages about things that are spiritual or uplifting (a church minister will raise his hands in blessing).

Ordinary messages are supported by gestures at the middle level of your body.

Things that are despicable or degrading or debilitating are supported by gestures below the waist.

Do you agree?

And would you coach a speaker to create gestures based on this information?

[Image from Stallonezone]

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