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Are you looking for a pick-me-up fr your latest PowerPoint presentation? Looking for some design ideas that you haven’t seen before on everyone else’s presentations?

I find that looking at other original designs sparks my own creativity. And oftentimes that has a flow on effect on my presentation. If there is a different way of looking at the slide, then there may be a different way of looking at the point I’m making. Or maybe it just fires up the neurones in my brain and they produce new thoughts. I’m not sure how it works, but it does.

So go check out The PowerPoint Templates (ppt). They have downloadable templates. And yes this is an affilaite link so I will make a few cents if you buy a template. But you can choose the low cost ones, or even scrounge through the sidebar and find the free templates. Or maybe, like me, you will just get some creative inspiration from looking at the products. These are graphics designers working here, so the creativity should be evident!

And while you are prowling round the site, look into the articles and tutorials. There is some useful information there.

Have fun!

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  1. Fred E. Miller
    Fred E. Miller says:

    I took a brief look at these these templates and most had slides with lots of TEXT.

    Text on a slide does not reinforce a message.

    Text confuses, conflicts and complicates it. Text presents the same problem that handouts, before a presentation, have. People will read ahead and at a different rate of speed that what is being presented.

    Best to use high quality images and YOU, the speaker supply the text.

    Remove the clutter on a slide and make them clean and simple to understand.

    Thanks for the Post.

  2. consulu1_bronwyn
    consulu1_bronwyn says:


    You are so right, as always.

    I like to treat these slides as I do the POWEPoint slides themselves and immediately remove the horrendous constraints of “Click to Add Title”and “Click to add text” It becomes a liberation of sorts because then I can add my graphic and words or couple of words. I think these do give people the opportunity, if they have little confidence in design, to have a template that is not a standard PowerPoint one.


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