Bureau basics and beyond

Developing Relationships with Speakers Bureaus

Having as many people as possible market you makes good business sense.

Or does it?

How can you convince a speakers bureau to represent you? And what, exactly, does “represent” really mean? Will the bureau send a steady stream of business to you — or will it be an irregular trickle? Bureaus are inundated with speakers wanting to be booked, so how can you cultivate a positive relationship? And how do you know which bureaus are ethical, credible, and won’t leave you with unpaid travel expenses?

You will learn:
– how to get a bureau to represent you
– what it means to have a bureau represent you
– what you need to have before contacting a bureau
– how to find and choose bureaus to approach
– how to learn how they want to be contacted
– why you should not balk at paying a materials review fee
– the best ways to develop a relationship without being a pest
– the difference between net fees vs. gross fees and the importance of fee consistency
– realistic expectations of a bureau’s frequency of booking you.

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