Welcome to the coffee shop this week.

I’m loving being able to share today’s cuppa with you. It’s cool and very damp here and a hot drink is so welcome!

Over our coffee (or are you having tea?) let’s talk about this quote from Homer …

“A man may be quite insignificant to look at but the gods can grace his words with charm: people watch him with delight as he speaks unfalteringly with winning modesty. He stands out in the gathering and is stared at like a god when he passes through the town. Another may be as handsome as an immortal, yet quite deficient in the graceful art of speech.”

— Homer

There is certainly power in the ability to speak. And in the ability to speak unfalteringly.

My focus, though, is on those words – “unfalteringly” and “with winning modesty”.

I think we would have to define “unfalteringly”, wouldn’t we? It is valuable to be able to speak on the spot, and it is valuable to speak fluently. But I think there is no less value in perhaps faltering with genuine emotion, or in faltering and admitting to not being all-knowing. What do you think?

And “with winning modesty”. That is always attractive. Do you think there is a trend today toward power in speaking without modesty? I really think there is an art to presenting oneself as an authority with modesty. Or should we follow the example of people like Mohammed Ali?

Please put your ideas in the comments below …