[Quick Public Speaking tip] Accepting an award? Shift the spotlight


It’s very gratifying to be given an award … or to win, to be given first prize.

The spotlight is on you – your achievements – your win – your prize – your award.

Shift that spotlight.

Humility is called for here, not crowing.

Obvious, isn’t it?

You can thank the other team or the losers. Thank your parents, your friends, your dog, your kindergarten teacher.

Where is the spotlight?

On you, still. On you, surrounded by all your helpers to whom you are grateful, certainly.

Shift that spotlight.

Turn it right around and on to the presenter and the organisation or group or business that is presenting.

Be grateful to them. Laud them. Highlight their value and excellence. Establish your sense of belonging to them, but highlight them.

You have successfully established humility without any falseness, or compromising of your value.

You have created a valuable sense of community.

And you have made them feel good.