21 Ways to Make Money Speaking


ARE YOU READY TO MAKE MONEY – WITH YOUR MOUTH? Inside these pages, discover: 21 specific descriptions that show you exactly how to make money, Exactly what you can expect to be paid as a professional speaker in various settings, The fastest, easiest way to be prepared to speak at a moment’s notice, and more! These sometimes small, but impactful steps will bring you an inner peace and allow you to breathe this holiday season. Start your holidays off right and stress-free with the strategies in this book!

How to win audience support for your cause

“In public speaking, we must appeal either to the prejudices of others, or to the love of truth and justice. If we think merely of displaying our own ability, we shall ruin every cause we undertake.”

William Hazlitt

7 Days of Christmas – Gift this to someone who needs to make a wedding speech in the near future

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Will you be giving a wedding speech next year? Or maybe you know someone who is, and they would like some help.

Make this a gift to them… or to yourself ….

The Pivotal Wedding Speech Pack Consists of 7 sets of tips:

1.  Speech structure, ideas and hints.
2. How to keep nerves under control – physical and mental strategies plus ways to check you can be confident in your speech.
3. How to avoid being overwhelmed by emotion.
4. Using Stories in Your Wedding Speeches
5. 10 Ways to Make Your Speech a Success
Plus 2 Bonuses just for the Father of the Bride
– Traditional Duties of the Father of the Bride
– Father of the Bride Speech

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7 Days of Christmas – So you want to be a motivational speaker …

motivational_speaker_freeSo you want to be a motivational speaker?

As part of my 7 Days of Christmas promotion, this package contains free resources from Pivotal Public Speaking to support you in your career as a motivational speaker … links to articles, books and videos on speaking, marketing and building your speaking business

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7 Days of Christmas – Set your speaking goals now for 2014

Set you speaking goals now for 2014

As part of my 7 Days of Christmas promotion, this coaching/mentoring session, Set Your Speaking Goals for 2014, is available for FREE.

Because speaking is one of the vital keys to success in so many fields.

It is the key to showing your calibre – in your workplace, in your business, even as a speaker. It is the key to persuasion. It is the key to leverage. It is the key to accomplishment.

2014 can be the year you learn how to turn that key and unlock your success.

My offer to you is to help you set those goals …to help you clarify your why – where – when – and what you will be doing as a speaker in 2014, to give you suggestions, to give you resources, to work with you one-on-one so that those goals are perfectly customised to your needs, your abilities and your dreams, whether you are a beginner, or overcoming nerves or improving from good to great.

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7 Days of Christmas – more than 50% off “From Anxious to Awesome”

From Anxious to AwesomeAs part of my 7 Days of Christmas promotion, this powerful eBook, From Anxious to Awesome, is available for the special price of just $17.00 (normally $37)!

Let me take you through the process that will free you to present with confidence

– free you to make an impact – free you to give a successful speech

– free you to become a confident speaker.

Understand why you feel the way you do about public speaking and how to work with that to turn public speaking into a positive experience.

Create a speech and a mindset that sets you up for success.

Prepare so that there is nothing to fear- not judgment, not accidents and disasters, not the unexpected.

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Looking for a winning formula for your speech – use your eyes

You have ideas for your speech. You know what you want to achieve with your presentation, but you’re stuck, trying to find a powerful slant … and material that will give your points life? Where will you find the stimulus to develop your ideas?

Look …

Magazines. Again, you are reading these already. Look at them from the slant of your speech. And look with new eyes at the racks in the newsagents, the library and the train stations.

Look at Facebook. Go beyond the ordinary and let your mind and the ideas you have already interact with what you see.

Look at Pinterest. Why did the person upload these pictures and/or text? How would you have dealt with that material?

Slide your eyes around your world. Catch the corners and edges of life and look at what happens, why it happens and what might have happened instead, all with your particular speech topic in mind.

Somewhere, a idea will develop, a crystallisation of your thoughts and attitudes, something that will hook your audience with its simplicity, its originality and its relevance to their worlds.

You can be a success despite the nerves

I don’t particularly like X_Factor videos and the emotional hype that goes with them, but watch this one, and you have to be inspired, especially if you suffer from performance nerves. If this man can do what he did, so successfully, so can you!!