Inspiring – Breaking through the glass wall that is the fear of public speaking

This is a valedictory speech by a student who feared public speaking.

“I’d literally have sweaty palms and a pit in my stomach at the thought of being called on to answer a question in class. The worst part was that I thought I’d always feel that way but thank goodness I finally figured out how to get rid of it and I’ve never felt better about speaking publicly.”

Watch him as he waits through his introduction. It is still evident. Watch, though, as he makes his speech and know that this is one inspirational human being.

He still has a way to go with his speaking, but with an attitude like that, he should go far.

I would love your comments on this speaker and his presentation in the comments below. Especially I would like to hear what advice you would give him on his speaking. I think he would appreciate it.

How to communicate what really matters to your audience

So What?

So What? How to communicate what really matters to your audience

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