10 Rules for Creating Successful Power Point Presentations

This from Nick Morgan really should be simple enough!!

Follow these rules and you’ll be using Power Point in a way that enhances, rather than detracts from or competes with, your presentation.

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Really Effective Communication begins with “S

Ï just came across this via a tweet from @PresentingPower.
The Four-S Method of Really Effective Communication

from John C. Maxwell – Simplify, See the person, Show the Truth and Seek response.

You can read the details here

Reconsidering PowerPoint

From David Feith at the Wall Street Journal

Speaking Truth to PowerPoint

Dunkin’ Donuts insists that “America runs on Dunkin’.” Actually, America runs on PowerPoint. Slide, by slide, by slide.

But maybe we shouldn’t. Maybe—while we reconsider how we bank, manufacture cars, emit carbon and visit the doctor—we should also rethink how we PowerPoint. Maybe cutting the cord is change you can believe in.