Fear of Public Speaking

Public speaking is an example of a social phobia, and is the most commonly reported social fear.

Unfortunately, fear of public speaking can adversely impact upon one’s career, personal life and academic achievements. For example, sufferers may avoid careers which would entail public speaking or decline promotions which would involve giving lectures or presentations. Social anxiety sufferers may also experience a great deal of distress if required to give a speech at their 21st birthday, wedding etc. University students may choose their courses or subjects so as to avoid having to give presentations.

A Few Tips on Public Speaking For Social Phobia sufferers


Connecting with your audience

Tim Wilson makes a short but very valid point about the questions to ask while speaking so that you can connect with the audience.


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Funny Presentation Training – how many errors can you find?

This is a video produced by a presentation training company as an example of how NOT to make a PowerPoint presentation.



Ums and Ahs

From Jeff Bailey at Wired Presentations

I have a friend who is a world class rifle shooter. He even represents the USA in international competition. I would trust him to shoot a quarter out of my hand at a hundred yards. If my life depended on a rifle shot I would want him to take that shot. That being said, he will occasionally miss. Not by much but his standards are very high; he aims for perfection.

If you want to perfect your public speaking skills then you have to treat ums and ahs the same way that my friend treats his occasional miss.