Bureau basics and beyond

Developing Relationships with Speakers Bureaus

Having as many people as possible market you makes good business sense.

Or does it?

How can you convince a speakers bureau to represent you? And what, exactly, does “represent” really mean? Will the bureau send a steady stream of business to you — or will it be an irregular trickle? Bureaus are inundated with speakers wanting to be booked, so how can you cultivate a positive relationship? And how do you know which bureaus are ethical, credible, and won’t leave you with unpaid travel expenses?

You will learn:
– how to get a bureau to represent you
– what it means to have a bureau represent you
– what you need to have before contacting a bureau
– how to find and choose bureaus to approach
– how to learn how they want to be contacted
– why you should not balk at paying a materials review fee
– the best ways to develop a relationship without being a pest
– the difference between net fees vs. gross fees and the importance of fee consistency
– realistic expectations of a bureau’s frequency of booking you.

The details are here.

Learn Public Speaking By Picking Up Women


I had a wacky thought recently… can you learn the skills required to be a good public speaker by picking up women?

Sounds crazy doesn’t it… but according to experts, the key areas to pickup up women are things like:

  • Body language,
  • Humour,
  • Voice tonality,
  • Inner and Outer Confidence (and a good mindset)

Which is also a similar set of skills required to be a good public speaker.

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How to close a speech

Tim Wilson has a useful set of suggestions on how to close a speech. One of my favourites, that he doesn’t mention, is to leave with a challenging thought. It could be a question, but doesn’t have to be. It should produce “an ah-ha moment” or a smile from the audience, of understanding and agreement.

Get More Memorable to Get More Business

with W Mitchell, CSP, CPAE

MitchellHow many professional speakers have you heard speak in the past 10-20 years? A lot, we’ll bet.
How many of their presentations have stood out to you as truly memorable? Probably just a few.
Do you think that if your presentations were more memorable, you’d be asked to speak more often?
We have a treat for you. If you’ve ever heard W Mitchell, CSP, CPAE speak, you know his extraordinary personal story and his ability to command a room. Like people used to say about E.F. Hutton, when Mitchell talks, people listen. And they remember.

How to embed a youtube video in powerpoint

This is a quick and easy way to embed a YouTube video into a PowerPoint presentation on a PC.

Using humor images and cartoons in presentations

Have you talked in front of many people? Have you wondered what to do in order to get your ideas across?

Any public speaker who has faced a crowd of listeners knows that humor has a great effect and brings out a point like nothing else. I have talked to many presenters and all of them say they have a number of jokes up their sleeve, as well as visual gags — CARTOONS.… more

Three Reasons Why You’re Cheating Yourself by NOT Improving Your Speaking Skills

More so than any other professional skill, improving your public speaking skills will give you the most benefit in your career whether you’re employed, self-employed or unemployed. Even if you don’t regularly speak to groups, the skills that it takes to communicate effectively to groups and the confidence that you’ll gain will automatically help you in interpersonal situations. So here are the top three reasons why you should improve your speaking skills.

Book Review: Perfect Phrases for Executive Presentations:

Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases to Use to Communicate Your Strategy and Vision When the Stakes Are High ( Perfect Phrases)


by Alan M Perlman



 There is a wide variety of phrases, many of them already familiar.  So if you need somewhere to start, this is a good place.  If you are new to speaking, lack confidence, or are a non-native speaker of English, the material will be a great basis for your presentation.  It presents exact phrases, even entire speeches, for a variety of situations (including formal events).  The are also useful for any international businessperson who is new to making presentations to Americans and is not 100% confident speaking in English.

So use the book as a starting point for your speech and use the examples I you are having difficulty finding words. Then make the speech you own by adding your own enthusiasms and unique ideas.

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Public Speaking: The Power Of Words

Words hurt, heal, motivate, and aggravate. They are powerful. They control emotions and can even control a person physically.

25 Essential Skills every Public Speaker Should Have

Puzzle PiecesInspired by 25 Skills Every Man Should Know, I pondered a list of the 25 essential skills every public speaker should have. How did I do?

Every public speaker should be able to:

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