Career Opportunities in public speaking

And that public speaking has a vital function in our society. Without it, our children would not be educated and the way our culture functions would be in serious danger. So professional public speakers are important.  (more …)

Seated Presentations – don’t be a sitting duck

At one time or another, your boss has probably said to you, “Don’t get caught sitting down on this one.” The problem is, many sales presentations are made while you’re doing exactly that – sitting down.

It’s more difficult to be impressive and in control when making a seated presentation than when standing, say Judy Stein and Marya Holcombe, principals of Strategic Communications, Inc., a consulting firm in New Haven, Conn. They believe sales people who don’t adjust their delivery style inadvertently put themselves in the hot seat.

Fortunately, the problem is easily remedied with a few simple modifications. Here’s what Stein and Holcombe suggest:

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The Public Speakers Law of Attraction

If you are speaking as a professional business, or you are just involved in public speaking, using the law of attraction will get into the speaking frame of mind and will put you into the position where you will have created the mindset you need to become a successful public speaker. But remember one point here. It doesn’t matter how many leads you have, or how easy leads are provided to you. It doesn’t matter how many people sign up to hear your speech you are about to give. Without the proper mindset to guide your thinking, you won’t be successful and may just flop as a speaker.

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Video – Public speaking – movement and gesture from the 1940’s

 This film is pure nostalgia! Great for training in the office as an ice-breaker. It takes us through the basics of effective public speaking, with its focus on body posture and gestures.