… and death came third!

by Andy Lopata , Peter Roper

From the reviews:
It has often been said that the two key skills for any business in the 21st Century are an ability to communicate a message – and a hungry market to communicate that message to. Now, for those outside of the corporate world, the best way to achieve these two objectives is through networking and speaking to groups.
Andy Lopata and Peter Roper have written a really handy book on how to achieve this. But the book is more than just a guide to the shy and anxious. In a very simple way Andy and Peter have explained how anyone can improve the way they are perceived in the market place through networking and public speaking.

Confident Public Speaking: Check This “Avoid At All Costs” List

In the pursuit of confident public speaking skills, it is important to accept that nervousness may never be completely eliminated in some public speakers. This is not necessarily bad. A certain amount of nervousness can be positively channeled to enhance performance.

Nevertheless, confident public speaking does involve learning not to betray one’s nervousness through obvious body signals

Familiarize yourself with the items in the list below and either check yourself through a video playback of your next presentation or have a close friend or colleague critique your presentation by looking out for these indicators that betray a lack of confidence in public speaking.


Help I Have to Give a Speech!

Patricia Fripp Help I have to give a speechPatricia Fripp simplifies and demystifies the process of designing your presentation…fast!

You will learn:

The one sentence you must clarify to start your speech
An easy-to-adapt formula to design your presentation
How to speak to be remembered and repeated
The secrets to connecting with every audience
What makes you and your presentation persuasive

Audio Visual Presentations

Even the best messages can be ruined by a bad presentation. To get your information across effectively and to generate the right response from your audience, you need to know how to use audiovisual technology to your advantage.

Interested in how to improve your presentation? Read on for some audiovisual presentation dos and don’ts.

Insert a Youtube Video in Your Powerpoint Presentation

In fact there are two tricks; the first is a very simple way to download a YouTube Video and how to convert this YouTube video in all kinds of formats and the second real PowerPoint Tip and Trick is how you can insert this YouTube video download into your PowerPoint presentation

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How to Make a Fortune in Public Speaking


At the price this is a real bargain–despite its age. This book tells you in great detail how to make money by public speaking, and makes some great points. The strategy on how to get started is only one of many possible approaches.  There is also a section on how to get engagements even if you are an unknown. Dr Anthony is very honest about the work that may be involved, but the value of the books is the fine detail.




 If you are sure that you want to do public speaking for a living, this book would be a good place to start.  Because it is now out of date, you will need to update the information, for example add in some internet marketing techniques to the suggested “make a booklet, a newsletter and related literature.”    


Connecting with the audience

Tim Wilson makes a short but very valid point about the questions to ask while speaking so that you can connect with the audience.


We’re in an Epidemic and it’s called PowerPoint!

Everyone uses it, but is it the best way to present your information?

Most people who use PowerPoint of give Presentations have not had much, if any, public speaking or presentation skills training.  However, we tend to copy what others are doing.  I would like to suggest stop doing what everyone else is doing and do it right.  The following steps will help you stand out above the rest.

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