FIZZ 101: How to Turn Cocktail Napkin Ideas into great products

Wednesday, April 30with Steve Spangler, CSP

Steve SpanglerYou need products that fizz, bubble and erupt into a new revenue stream and enhanced media coverage. Steve will teach you how to create products that will have your audiences buzzing with excitement — and producers scrambling to book you. Every speaker has product ideas, but even the best ideas don’t jump off the cocktail napkin and sell themselves. Steve will show you his secrets for creating products that produce multiple income streams.

Steve’s innovative products have earned him a regular slot on the TV talk show “Ellen.” He’ll share some of the lessons he’s learned on how to parlay your creative products and information into repeat media exposure. In fact, your unusual products will garner you even more exposure. So even if you sell soft-skill programs, you can use some of Steve’s ideas to augment information products.Take home a few of these secrets…

  • How to turn simple ideas into great products without spending a fortune
  • Uncover the secrets to non-traditional product development, cost-effective packaging and viral marketing ideas that are guaranteed to improve your bottom line
  • Learn proven techniques for turning creative ideas into products that sell from start to finish in less than 30 days
  • Explore the science of product packaging on a shoestring budget
  • Learn how to create a product that teaches your audience how to do something amazing… and help you sell more product!
  • Unleash your creativity to create products that beyond the typical selection of books and DVDs
  • How to source trustworthy, cost-effective manufacturers
  • Hear a few of Steve’s best selling product ideas that will get your creative juices flowing
  • Media etiquette to encourage repeat appearances.

Steve Spangler understands something about creating products that fizz, bubble and erupt into huge sales. His now famous Mentos and Diet Coke geyser experiment became an overnight Internet sensation and landed him an entire line of mass-market products. His Denver-based catalog and online business specializes in the sales and development of educational toys and teaching tools. His print catalog contains more than 650 products and is mailed to over a half a million teachers and parents each year, and his online store draws nearly 4,000 unique visitors every day. When he’s not on the platform, you’ll find Steve in his product lab in Denver creating products for retailers such as Toys ’R’ Us, the Discovery Channel Store and Target. What drives his growing retail business? Speaking!
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