Public Speaking: Places are funny

Some places are simply funnier than others. Cleveland is funny. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, is funny. I live just off Goodluck Road. That’s funny. My computer consultant used to live on Easy Street in Temple Hills, Maryland. That’s funny. It was hard to find him because people were always stealing the sign, and it’s not easy to steal an Easy Street sign.

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More on using humour in public speaking

Daniel Hamburger has a PowerPoint secret he wants to share with you.

From Smart business

“There’s a wonderful feature of PowerPoint, you hit the B key and it blacks the screen in show mode, most people don’t know that,” says Hamburger, the president and CEO of DeVry Inc.

When DeVry, the higher education holding company for DeVry University, Ross University, Chamberlain College of Nursing and Becker Professional Review, hit a rough patch, Hamburger got to know that B button pretty well.

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