Your voice is your most essential tool in presentations

When making presentations it is often easy to overlook the importance of your voice.

But without a dynamic and strong voice you may as well not be presenting.

A friend of mine realised this last week. He makes presentations every day, but he managed to get some kind of throat infection which left him speechless – literally.I pointed him in the direction of Vocalzones, a herbal lozenge which
can help speakers and singers maintain a clear voice. He sucked on a couple of the lozenges and his voice was good enough to give his 20 minute talk.

Your voice should never be neglected and be allowed to get into bad shape. You should always take care of it. To ensure you keep your voice in tip top shape see this article on

Powerpoint backgrounds

To create effective backgrounds in PowerPoint is one of the most challenging tasks for a presenter, as balancing visual impact, layout balance, properly matching colors while keeping great legibility is nothing that I would consider easy.

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