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The Seven Principles of Public Speaking

(Audio CD)



by Richard Zeoli


This engaging audio program is like having your very own public speaking coach to guide you, motivate you, and inspire you to unleash your potential, and achieve results! This exceptional audio program will teach you the skills to present your product, your service, and yourself with confidence before a crowd of any size - whether five people in a company boardroom or 5,000 people in a crowded arena.

What you'll learn from Principle #1 will completely change everything you were ever taught to believe about public speaking. Principle #3 will teach you a powerful secret that will end your fear of public speaking once and for all, and after hearing Principle #6, you will share your message with a newfound sense of enthusiasm and passion that will leave your audiences wanting more.

Far beyond one size fits all cookie-cutter techniques, Richard Zeoli uses real life examples and personalized instruction as he shares with you the timeless principles that all speakers and presenters must master for communications success in today's fast paced world.

About the author: Richard Zeoli has spent nearly fifteen years helping today's leaders become truly effective communicators. He has helped major candidates for federal and statewide office, key elected officials, and prominent business leaders prepare for television, radio, and print interviews, and he has written speeches, press releases, and talking points for leaders at the highest levels in the public and private sectors. An authority in his field, Richard has appeared nationally on television and radio and has given print interviews to major publications, including the New York Times and the Washington Post. Richard is president of RZC Impact, a New York-based communications firm offering presentation skills training to individuals and groups of every size.