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You need public speaking skills more than ever before to present yourself, your company, your ideas confidently and successfully. Whatever your gift is - your product, your message, your service, your role in the company or organisation - whatever you have to offer the world - the world needs to know about it.

Public Speaking has never been so important. We live in a society of chronic information overload, when audiences need a constant variety of visuals, engagement techniques and message relevance.




my name is Bronwyn Ritchie,


this is Pivotal Public Speaking


and my gift to you is to give you the ability to speak confidently and effectively


to allow you to share your gifts - speak your story - with the world.




Your whole presentation was an ah-ha for me.  It will help me gain confidence in the area I want to teach in.

... Caroline Capell


You have such a great knowledge in so many different subject areas and also have a great ability to impart that knowledge with joy and fun

... Bernadette Knight


I was able to apply what I had learned straight away, and it definitely improved the presentation I subsequently delivered to 25 referrers for my business.

... Amanda Griffiths



The programs here are geared towards developing the skills you will need


- to communicate your credibility and authenticity


- to persuade with messages that are remembered and repeated.


Build your business leads and bottom line,


become an inspiring leader,


establish a great atmosphere at functions and events


... through the power of confident, effective public speaking.


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